Me: I have a degree in Social Anthropology from LSE and an MSc in Digital Anthropology from UCL.

I have programmed talks and events at the ICA, The School of Life and The Guardian.

In between and all along I’ve made music as A-Line and performed cabaret as Miss Anna Kronist.

I’m also a mother of two daughters.

The Blog: As a parent you often wonder if you’re doing it right. You might turn to friends and family or like many of us you’ll scour the internet for solutions or advice. Is co-sleeping the best or the worst thing to do? Is breastfeeding until the child is three totally natural or gross and unnecessary? Should fathers be involved in all aspects of birth or is that a strange modern phenomenon?

As a student of anthropology I wonder not just what parents like me are doing but what parents in completely different cultures and contexts might be doing. As a result of my research I’ve decided that whilst some advice can be very helpful I can also choose to ignore the things I don’t want to do because lots of parents in other places don’t do them. I’ve found this very consoling. This blog aims to do the same for you.

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